Wm Langille Welding
Depending on your need, our horse stalls are portable or
permanent.   As a truly portable unit, our horse stalls do
notrequire posts and are a self standing unit when pinned
together.   In an existing structure, our panels can be
easily mounted to your walls.  Either way, our horse stalls
are strong, sturdy and will stand the test of time.
Each panel features 12 gauge galvanized steel,  1/2"
diameter solid bars, welded in place on 3" centres.  
Horse stall fronts are available with either a sliding door (dropdown yokes are also offered as an option) or a stall gate.Each front has a 10” square feed opening. Powder coating is also available.
Our standard horse stall panels are 10 feet long and are 7 1/2  feet tall toaccommodate even the tallest of horses. We pride ourselvesin our custom work and would be happy to build any sizedhorse stall to suit your needs. 
                                                            Our panels are conveniently priced individuallyas you
                                                             may not need all four sides whereexisting barn walls
                                                             can be used. Wood is notincluded in our pricesas
                                                            many people have their own wood supply.  Wood is
                                                                         available for an additional price.
                                                                     Click here for your quote today!! 
                                                           We won’t try to sell you more than what you need.
                                                                      We look forward to working with you and 
                                                                                helpingyouwith your plans.